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Location: New York


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The ideal candidate is an enthusiastic and well-organized go-getter with at least 5-6 years experience in social media planning, strategy, execution, and management for a brand that has both strong original editorial content and measurable organic volume. They will have an understanding of industry best practices and the drive to innovate and invent some of their own. They will have experience working on a team and with client communications. The will be proactive, quick on their feet, and a problem solver.

Everybody at Once is a consultancy based in NYC and LA that specializes in audience development and social strategy for media, entertainment, and sports. Our work is built around our core philosophy that the audience has an audience and our understanding that the most effective campaigns capture and direct fan energy towards brand goals while enabling fans to become better fans.

Take a look at the full text of the Audience Strategist job description below. If you meet the requirements and the job feels exciting to you, send us a note on why you think you’d make a great fit at EA1, links to examples of your past experience in social media brand management, and a resume to

Role & Responsibilities

The Social Media Audience Strategist is responsible for developing and executing social media campaigns, audience development, and content creation. They will oversee and/or implement the execution of social media strategies that build both brand awareness and audience affinity on major and emerging social media platforms. Collaborating with a staff of social media and audience development experts, they will be responsible for:

  • Strategic development and execution for campaigns and brands
  • Execution of creative audience development for campaigns and brands
  • Management of audience development projects, both internal and client facing

Strategy Development and Execution for Campaigns and Brands

The Social Media Audience Strategist is responsible for the development and execution of high level content marketing, community building, and brand awareness planning that gather audience around a content release or a brand. Strategies should be based on the client or creator’s business and/or marketing goals. The audience strategist will:

  • Be responsible for strategic and execution deadlines.
  • Understand the patterns and behaviors of their audiences.
  • Adjust strategies, as needed, based on audience response, shifts in client or internal strategies, or budgets.
  • Be knowledgeable, and up-to-date, on the ins and outs of online communities, fandoms, how audiences develop, and what is currently relevant online.
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