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Locations: New York, Los Angeles


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Everybody at Once seeks a New York City or Los Angeles based Social Media Manager to run social campaigns from announcement, social strategic development, production support, planning and execution. This role requires excellent communication and collaboration both within EA1 and with our clients, talent, and production partners.


Everybody at Once is an agency that builds some of the most active, most influential fandoms on the internet. We operate the social handles for networks like BBC America and Discovery. We program fan meetups and build online participation campaigns for shows like Doctor Who, Shark Week, and Orphan Black.

Our mission is to facilitate the connection between creators, their fans, and the communities they inspire. Our core beliefs are that the audience has an audience and that existing fan communities can grow when you enable fans to become better fans.

The Social Media Manager will work with Social Directors at EA1 to turn their strategies, based on our clients’ visions, into tactical and engaging creative. They will bring their experience and expertise to bear on decision making and direction for creative copy and asset production. They will work with the entire EA1 team to build solutions that adhere to company mission and values while fitting our clients’ needs.


  • The ideal candidate is ambitious, enthusiastic, well-organized, and confident taking initiative. They will have at least 2-3 years experience in social media strategy, content creation, copywriting, and community management. We are looking for multiple people to fill multiple roles. We need people to fill a brand management role for entertainment clients, as well as those who have social media experience in sports, comedy and/or gaming, They will have an understanding of industry best practices and the curiosity to innovate and invent some of their own.
  • They will be professional and driven with excellent project management, communication, and organizational skills. The ideal candidate will be able to effectively communicate and work across multiple time zones.
  • They will have strong interpersonal skills, able to deal with diverse personalities and move a project forward.
  • They will have the ability to juggle multiple projects, be quick on their feet, and to remain calm under pressure.
  • Ideal: They will have experience with content design, creation, and editing. Knowledge of and experience with Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, or similar software.

If this sounds like you, please send a resume and cover letter to , with “Social Media Manager Application” in the subject line. Please make sure to include some examples of your past experience in social. Start date: ASAP.


Social Media Management
Social Media Managers are responsible for creating messaging in line with the project’s overall campaign and/or strategy, as determined by or with the Director of Social, that emphasizes the priorities of the brand, network, or client, such as:

  • Copywriting and Creative messaging.
  • Cross-over messaging and coordination with partners, talent, and influencers.
  • Live-content creation and social media management around regular live events, tentpoles, and programming.
  • Possible Talent collaboration.
  • Coordination of partner production, social production, and regular Facebook live streaming.
  • Apply the “always-on” mentality to social community management to monitor and be informed of current audience sentiment and reflect the audience to back to themselves.
  • Engage with fans to provide customer service and grow affinity for the brand.
  • Cover and amplify news and press coverage of brand-related stories.

Content Creation
Social Media Managers use their knowledge and understanding of programming, audience sentiment, project and brand goals to create content that is inviting and inclusive to potential fans and audience, engages the established community and prompts conversation and interaction. Some examples of content creation are:

  • Participation Campaigns with fans (i.e. contests, giveaways, fan work prompts).
  • Engaging with talent and creators on social. Providing direction to build and engage their own communities, coaching them on how to engage with fans.
  • Creation of gifs, stills, or other digital assets from brand content.
  • Creative calls-to-action and other audience direction.

Reporting & Analysis / Client Relations
Social Media Managers provide regular updates on how social is performing on each platform, and on the progress of client, brand, and project objectives. This includes:

  • Sentiment of the community. (Example: High points so clients can understand what’s resonating with fans.)
  • Identifying popular brand aspects & themes.
  • Monitoring and documenting trends and conversation volume.
  • Organic behaviors that originate from the community (language, rituals, fan work, and other activity).
  • Potential areas to find and increase reach and build audience.
  • Coordinate creative production and execution.
  • Maintain client relationships and communication.
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