Searchlight Pictures' anti-hate film Jojo Rabbit is at its core a story of friendship conquering all. Inspired by this we leaned into the idea of best friends, utilizing Instagram's Close Friends feature in an unconventional way to engage interested fans in becoming a part of Jojo’s inner circle.

By using this built-in feature of Instagram in a way that is completely unexpected of brands, we were able to add a whole new layer to the fan experience. Our Close Friends had exclusive access to BTS & bonus content, special giveaways, interactive prompt rituals, and the Jojo Rabbit Story Filter.

We made joining Close Friends simple (because making friends shouldn’t be hard, right?) Through in-feed prompts we successfully enlisted our fans and in doing so, discovered that the fandom’s desire to be a part of Close Friends was SO unexpectedly large that we needed to open up a second wave of membership shortly after. The two in-feed prompts to join Close Friends became our top two most commented on posts on Instagram EVER.

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