Fans of BBC America’s nature programming are extremely curious and eager to not only learn about our planet and its incredible creatures, but to share what they've learned.

We sought to close the gap between the audience’s innate curiosity and their desire to engage with the shows. With BBC America’s Wild Summer campaign, we did just that.

Taking the most amazing and weirdest animal facts, we created bespoke wildlife trivia and shared it with fans via Instagram Stories in a fresh way.

Highlights of our "That's Wild" facts can be found here:

To effectively adapt trivia for Instagram Story, video backgrounds featuring BBC Earth shows were combined with inviting prompts and custom elements like audio waveform. These assets provided an elegant frame for several of Instagram’s built-in story features, including polls, questions, and GIFs.

By leveraging trivia in this way, we were able to provide a uniquely entertaining and interactive experience for BBC America fans. As a result, we effectively engaged audiences beyond appointment-viewing, as well as increased our social following and affinity ahead of the next BBC America Earth campaign, Wonderstruck.