Who We Are

Our mission is to facilitate the connections between creators, their fans, and the communities that they inspire.

Everybody at Once (EA1) was founded in 2013 by Kenyatta Cheese, Kevin Slavin, and Molly Templeton. Everybody at Once is an agency based in New York City and Los Angeles that specializes in audience development and social media strategy.

EA1 directs, educates, and implements audience development and social strategy. Through a mix of qualitative and quantitative expertise, EA1 has helped our clients grow some of the largest, most engaged fan communities on the Internet, redefining industry standards along the way.

Throughout that time, EA1 has developed a deep understanding of how audiences operate individually and collectively, and has created a set of best practices to help entertainment and media properties expand their audience and digital community interactions.

Your audience has an audience.

Our core beliefs are that the audience has an audience and that existing fan communities grow when you enable fans to become better fans.

Not all of your fans are expert creators and organizers. We will help you create programming and content that makes it easier for fans to organize and mobilize at key moments.

We believe it’s important to listen, amplify, support and organize fan energy toward a more vibrant, organic community.

It’s important to build audience development into the core of your organization. Understanding and maintaining conversation with the audience is more important than ever before. We create more opportunities with the audience when you bring them into wider strategy and development.

Social media is a core part of the experience.

For a long time, media and entertainment thought about content as just throwing things over a wall, but today, social media is a core part of the experience. The way your brand interacts with your audience builds the story of your brand.

  • Creators need audiences for the things that they make.
  • Audiences want to participate in the things that they love.
  • Creators and fans are on the same team.
  • And they can learn to speak the same language.

Our Methodology