Your audience has an audience




The relationship between creators and fans has never been more confusing than it is now. We can make sense of this relationship. We understand that your brand’s story is more than the content you put out—it’s the experience people have when they interact with your content. We partner with you to create social campaigns and audience development strategy that build culture and community.

EA1’s Philosophy

We build bespoke service packages to fit your needs.

  • Audience & Social Media Strategy
  • Social Network Research & Audience Research
  • Campaign Design
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Content Creation & Production
  • Brand & Community Management

Our Expertise

Feature Complete

From devising social strategy to creating conversational touch points to executing beautiful gifs—we do it all.

Team Players

We work closely with organizations to identify and develop workflows and strategies that exceed your goals.

Nimble & Far-Sighted

We’re internet-obsessed so you don’t have to be. We track the latest, greatest, and newest trends, platforms, and habits to find your audience.

Internet Native

We know your audience because we are your audience. Our decades of combined experience means we also know the right people on, at, and running the networks you should be using.


We created EA1 with a mission to connect creators, networks, their fans, and the communities that they inspire. We are a diverse team of internet natives and experienced creators with a natural curiosity, and appreciation for fandom and building audience. We speak to fans authentically because we are fans, too. We aim for positivity and inclusivity, building relationships with integrity and empathy. We’re confident, nimble, playful, passionate, and we love what we do.


The Story of GIF

Kenyatta Cheese

The Audience Has An Audience

Kevin Slavin & Kenyatta Cheese