Our Team

We created EA1 to redefine the relationship between creators, their fans, and the communities that they inspire.

We are a diverse team of internet natives and experienced creators with a natural curiosity, and appreciation for fandom and building audience. We speak to fans authentically because we are fans, too. We aim for positivity and inclusivity, building relationships with integrity and empathy. We’re confident, nimble, playful, passionate, and we love what we do.

Our Values


We build relationships thoughtfully. We’re transparent and accountable. Our results prove our process, again and again. We earn trust, and keep it.


Our work is cutting-edge because we’re fascinated by people and culture and the weird, beautiful Internet. We back up bold experimentation with rigorous analytics. We dive right in.


There is way, way more than one way of looking at the world. We are respectful of context and understanding of other communication styles, because we know audiences thrive in inclusive environments. Our default is positivity.


We’re honored to work with both fan communities and creators. Fandom is collaborative, and we know we’re not the sole source of good ideas — we take pride in lifting up the best from all sides. We over-communicate, facilitate, and share, share, share.


Great audiences are built through authenticity. We speak the language, get the jokes, and feel the heartache. We shape conversations that bring out the best in communities. We’re
fans, too.


Our discipline is playful and proactive. Both at work and on the weekends, our extracurriculars, professional development, and passions overlap. It means we’re comfortable working within constraints — they’re a source of inspiration. We embrace challenges.


Kenyatta Cheese

CEO and Co-Founder

Kevin Slavin

Co-Founder, Professor at MIT Media Lab

Genrietta (Jen) Avrutskaya

Audience Insights Manager

Gretchen Hansen

Social Media Director

John Salomone


Kyle Schansinger

Brand Manager


Jay Bushman


Nick Douglas


Devin Gaffney

Social network analyst

Jason Oberholtzer

Has a Tumblr so popular, the White House guestblogs on it

Mike Rugnetta

Writes and hosts PBS Idea Channel and Reasonably Sound

Scott Jon Siegel

Makes games for everyone

Chris Todd

Writer and Brand Manager

Kirsten Wagstaff

EA1 Collaborator

Christina Xu

Co-Founder of ROFLCon